Faith Bryant and Lauren Chestnut, Founders of the Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Christ Youth Project H.O.T. (Helping Others Today), are excited to continue and expand on helping the Houseless Community through the harsh winter months of Kansas City, Missouri.  Your help financially, physically, prayerfully and materially are ways in which this project continues to be of assistance throughout the year.  Along with the Leadership of Rev. Tamara Chestnut and Minister Jeremy Tindall, this social venture prepares the youth to say with confidence "I (We) can do all things though Christ Jesus" Phil 4:13 and more importantly "Love thy neighbor as thyself" Mark 12:31.  With a listening ear and counsel the James "Qadhafi" Shelby, leader of the Kansas City Homeless Union in accessing camps and understanding the needs of the houseless community this project has taken root and is thriving.  With the support of the MSCC Hospitality Committee, Chestnut Family Resource Center, led by Evangelist Ester Holzendorf, Reconciliation Services Thelma's Kitchen, led by Chef Natasha Bailey,  they have been able to support Hope Faith Homeless Day Center on Sunday evenings with hot meals, as well as the Garrison Community Warming Center program led by Rev. Randy Fikke and Emily.

This is year three and they are growing and maturing in ministry and service and we honor the entire youth group for answering the clarion call, "who will go and serve today"...
Project H.O.T. Initiatives
  • MLK 2021, MLK 2022
  • Advent 2021, Advent 2022
  • Trunk-or-Treat 2021

Participating Youth - Faith, Lauren, Taylor, Ryan, Raymond, Kareem, Jordon, Madison, Zoey, Arilynn, Ialynn, Aynesti, Mitchell
Supporting Leaders - Rev. Tamara Chestnut, Minister Jeremy Tindall, Martrice Hutton, Lady Robyn Bryant
Hospitality Committee - Sharon Ramsey, Linda Waters, Alice "Aunt" Molly
MSCC Ministerial Alliance  - Rev. Monta Tindall, Rev. Ladonna Cartwright, Rev. Lonnette Tindall-Cooper, et al.

Spiritual Covering
Bishop James G. Bryant, Sr. - Senior Pastor
Rev. Ivy A. Ganaway - Assistant Pastor